Saturday, March 31, 2012

Upgrade to Lion for MonoTouch users

These were the steps I took to upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion to make MonoTouch work with ios sdk 5.1:
1. Install Lion.
2. Check system updates (will install 10.7.3 Lion update if you are not already on it. My usb stick that was purchased from apple store has 10.7.2).
3. Install XCode 4.3 from Mac AppStore (will require your apple login, and will give you the option to delete Xcode 4.2 which I did).
4. Check Monodevelop updates (will install containing XCode 4.3 compatibility).
5. Re-install MonoTouch This will download MonoTouch 5.2.5 (or whatever the latest version is when you read this blog).
6. Update Versions to latest version if you are using Versions for source control. I use Versions to connect to tfs using svnbridge. More info on svnbridge:
7. Open terminal and run:
sudo xcode-select -switch /Applications/
to set xcode path to make Versions work properly.
8. Install command tools from xcode/preferences/Downloads

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